January 2016

Christmas Caroling

The children excitedly get ready to go caroling! We're gonna sing, pass out cookies, and food, and tell them about Jesus! Greivin comes with a suburban and a trailer and everyone hops aboard and off we go!

Merry Christmas!

The lights dim and in the front left corner we see an empty ‘stable’ with a small fire in the fire place, a few hay bales, and some cows and pigs. To our left sits King Herod with two servants fanning his face while he sits regally. Soon we hear angels singing and glance to the front right corner where they stand in a doorway singing songs of Christmas. As they sing a light points to the back right corner and here comes Joseph with Mary riding on a donkey. They walk along and soon knock at the hotel.

Building our own church and school begins

Dirt work begins for the new church and school building! A few minutes drive away from the children's home. Today some of the men worked on making a concrete lid for the water tank, mixing the concrete by hand! They also poured concrete for a small room to temporarily hold the pressure tank and the breaker box. This will enable them to move forward with the building project as it provides accessible water and electricity!