February 2016

Break time at school

To begin the introduction to the school life here at Shining Light, we'll begin by popping in on the students at 10:00 a.m. One of the staff girls from the kitchen brings a tasty snack to serve to the hungry students. Today Jana Lehman steps to the plate. Children scurry into line for food. Cool breezes blow across the porch where they wait and the sun shines warm on the sand and mountains in the distance. Teachers interact with students, answering questions, playfully goofing off, or giving a needed hug. When hungry stomachs are filled, they head over to the soccer field.

Tijuana bound with the Gospel and goods

Greiven loads up a van load of children, staff, and his family, and fills the bed of a truck with donations we don't need. Approximately 20 people head to Tijuana. Greiven has an acquaintance to meet with and share a church service. We also take the opportunity to pass out clothes and toys to the poor in Tijuana. We weave in and out of traffic searching for a poor section of Tijuana. Most of the roads are pretty poor but it doesn't keep us from moving on. Soon we find the section where the houses are mostly made of boards, pallets, cardboard, and tarp roofs.