March 2016

Can you read?

Welcome to the next step of learning! Bianca, a girl that grew up in the children's home, along with Rosario, wife of a native couple who is a part of our church, teach grades 1-2. Hour after hour, they drill facts, numbers, letters, sounds, and discipline into these children. Teaching consists of working with them on a behavioral aspect as well as academic. Bianca and Rosario team together to pour their hearts into the children who walk into school every day. They learn how to read and write and study. Fun times include birthday parties, walks outside, art class, and enjoying each other.

A day off

Antonio takes each of the pods on a day off. Today we see what it's like for the room with Rachel as caretaker and Leanna & Sara as an extended part of the room. Antonio, Alma Rosa, and their daughter Sarai and the caretakers and children load up and head to Tijuana. First we go grocery shopping because the restaurant Antonio wants to take us to doesn't open till ten. The girls love looking at the goodies and picking out cookies to buy! Vicki, the youngest, rides in the grocery cart and thinks its a party!