Kindergarten- cut, color, paint, play

Welcome to kindergarten. Today we find the teacher, Karen, reading the young ones a story. Ranging from ages 3-6, their attention easily strays. So we repeatedly hear their names being called as their eyes wander all over. Looking around, bright colorful walls add life to the room and many different sections hold toys and other objects for learning purposes.
Karen, an ambitious teenager from the children's home, throws her heart into planning and teaching these preschoolers. She helps them learn their colors, numbers, shapes, animals, and many other fundamental basics. For fun times she also takes snack some days. Anything from fruit to popcorn to Takis to Coke. She also helps them build their relationship skills in settling fights, teaching them to share, helping them to love.
Some days you'll find the preschoolers' moms in the classroom helping with art projects and general school work so the moms have an idea of what is going on and how to help at home.
Come by sometime and meet this cute classroom and people!