Merry Christmas!

The lights dim and in the front left corner we see an empty ‘stable’ with a small fire in the fire place, a few hay bales, and some cows and pigs. To our left sits King Herod with two servants fanning his face while he sits regally. Soon we hear angels singing and glance to the front right corner where they stand in a doorway singing songs of Christmas. As they sing a light points to the back right corner and here comes Joseph with Mary riding on a donkey. They walk along and soon knock at the hotel. The innkeeper asks how to help and when Joseph asks for a place to stay says, “Sorry, we are full. We have no room.” So Joseph turns away. Mary timidly asks, “Well Joseph what shall we do? We can’t sleep out on the streets for Jesus is going to be born tonight!” Joseph replies, “I don’t know but I know God will take care of us.” So they keep walking and knock at the next door. The innkeeper asks despairingly, “What can I help you with?” After hearing Joseph out, the innkeeper leads them to the only available spot, the stable. Soon we hear the angels singing songs of praise that the Saviour is born. Through the front door of the livingroom, we see the shepherds come. They’re herding their sheep and several small children dressed as sheep come out to the pastor and they settle down for the night. Then the angel appears, frightening the shepherds, gives her message, and is followed by the host of angels singing! The shepherds then head over to the stable and say the blessings and welcomings to Baby Jesus. After a few minutes they leave. Next we see the wisemen coming from the back following the Star of the East. They stop by King Herod, talk awhile, then leave to see this miracle Baby and give their gifts. They kneel in adoration and soon leave to go on home another way. The actors finished out the play with a group Christmas song ringing through the room! The reality of our Saviour born strikes everyone again as we celebrate his birth on earth!