Remembering vacation

Schoolchildren, after being on vacation for two weeks, dive back into school work. Memories of last weeks day off to a campground drift through heads when the going gets tough and gives inspiration to keep pushing forward. Antonio, the houseparent dad, organized a day to enjoy the outdoors and hike on mountain hillsides, eat lots of yummy food, and enjoy each other in a new setting. Early morning everyone loads up into vehicles and we drive for half an hour to a campground. Different from most American campgrounds, no water, no fire rings, only lots of people and lots of tents. Yes. And music. We find our spot with a 'shelter'. Our shelter being an old house with several bedrooms, a bathroom, and small living room and kitchen. Everyone hangs outside most of the day though. After breakfast the ones who are able take off to go hiking. Up and down hillsides and rocks and through brush. The higher we go the prettier the views. Springtime in Mexico brings green grass and green bushes. As well as wildflowers. Wide open eyes of children catch small glimpses of color and immediately pick the flowers for 'mom' or friend. After hiking for a long time we discover a small lake. Definitely a rare sight which causes loads of delight in the children used to sand playgrounds. Soon our stomachs call for food and outweigh the desire to stay so we head back for lunch. The afternoon holds a trip to a small store for drinks or snacks, playing soccer, sitting and talking, lots of games, and plenty of sunshine.
Burritos for breakfast, Mexican sandwiches for lunch, and chimichangas, along with fruit for every meal fill the hungry stomachs.
Tired, happy, and refreshed, we load up to go home after supper. As well as to face a new week full of school.