Multi-Ppurpose Building Project

Shining Light Children’s Home

Multi-Purpose Building Project
As part of the long term vision for SLCH it has been decided to move forward with the next building project to answer several needs which have increasingly come into the limelight with DIF and all the new regulations which have taken affect in the last year.

This multipurpose facility will address the following critical needs:
1. Adequate school facilities
2. Teacher living quarters
3. Guest quarters
4. Learning Center
5. Chapel

Adequate school facility
The original school building classrooms have been out grown with some of the classes presently being held in a storage building and a repurposed bedroom in the guest house. The original building built for school will be repurposed as Boy’s house for the older boys in the home with the intention of having their own house-parents to create more of a family environment and create some separation from the older girls in the home. Per Dif. requirements a section of the original school building will also be used to provide a doctor’s office for general health checkups for the children.

Teacher living quarters
Under the new DIF ruling, only registered staff can live at the children’s home creating a need for visitor and teacher quarters off campus. The new Teachers quarters would be in the new building.

Guest Quarters
Under the new DIF ruling, visitors cannot stay overnight on campus. The new building will have guest quarters. Visitors are an important part of the ongoing work at SLCH, a number of our staff come from people who first came as visitors.

Learning Center
There is a need with the older children graduating school to have a place for continued vocational education. The Mexico childcare system is undergoing a complete re-work. They now require all staff members to undergo special training before being able to work at a children’s home. SLCH along with a few other children’s homes in the area took proactive steps and got our house parents certified to be trainers. This allows us to do our own training and offer training for other homes as well giving us a much greater level of control over the training environment and material. SLCH has a vision to offer this not only to other children’s homes in Mexico but offer it as a “mission field training camp for people working with children ministries”.

Currently Sunday morning church services are being held in the living/dining room area of the children’s home. This creates a potential problem with having visitors from the community attending church services in the home facility. The new facility will provide a chapel to be used for all church activities. The Shining Light Children’s Home board has consented to make this a part of the building project to alleviate the local brotherhood from having to provide a large enough building for church to accommodate the usual Children’s Home crowd. The children and staff will in the foreseeable future continue being the larger part of the local congregation.

Project Details
Building size - 60’x170’
Building type – Steel building with interior wood framing
Project cost - $295,000
(Property for this project has been purchased.)

For contributions to this project make checks payable to: Shining Light Children’s Home and mail to:
Shining Light Children’s Home
PO box 164 Grandview Texas 76050
Questions call Leland Ulrich 817-822-6760