SILVER - Child Sponsorship

As Fund-Raiser
You raise $150/month through your church, friends and family.

Silver Sponsorship
Provides food & clothes for 1 child per month.

Mail monthly donation to:
SLCH • P.O. Box 164, Grandview, Texas 76050

Make checks payable to:
Osceola Christian Fellowship / SLCH Fund
Your donation is tax deductible. Credit card payments are accepted online.

Why sponsorship programs?
All children's homes and charity organizations have the need to raise funds for the organization to be able to exist. SLCH is sponsored by a wide range of individuals and businesses that share in the vision of meeting the needs of these innocent, needy children. It is the responsibility of SLCH to be transparent with its operations and financial matters and to use the donated funds effectively and responsibly, to give value to those donated the funds that makes this work possible. Sponsorship programs provide a transparency model to achieve this. Your funds are received for a specific cause and can be tracked.

How does Pod sponsorship work?
Your child sponsorship donation provides support for one caregiver and pays the board for 8 children. This program is not group specific, but enables one group to be able to live at the children's home.

What happens if I cannot continue as a sponsor?
If your circumstances change and you can no longer sponsor a Pod, we understand. We will, however, need to find another sponsor for the Pod as soon as possible. We are especially grateful if you have a friends or business who would be willing to take over your sponsorship for you.